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Benefits and maintenance of artificial grass

Regular maintenance of artificial grass is recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy. This maintenance work is quick and easy:

  •  Correct installation of artificial grass will prevent weed growth from underneath the lawn, however the grass may still be susceptible to airborne seeds so it is important to spray the areas twice per year with a weed killer. If weeds do grow, these are easily removed.
  • Regularly remove leaves and debris from the grass with a leaf blower, stiff brush or plastic rake.
  • It is important to avoid the use of mirrors or reflective surfaces in your garden design as these can reflect light onto the lawn and cause damage to the grass.

Benefits of artificial grass :

  1. Looks good all the time (with no effort)
  2. Play on it year-around.
  3. No pesticides or fertilizers needed.
  4. Durable / Long-lasting.
  5. Don’t need to water.
  6. Lower maintenance cost (compared to regular grass)
  7. child & pet friendly